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Comprehensive surveying services

Insight Services

With Insight Survey's expertise and meticulous approach, we lay the essential foundations, ensuring that your project starts on the right track and sets the stage for seamless progress.


At Insight Survey, we believe in the power of collaboration between clients, designers, and stakeholders to ensure successful projects from the outset. As a key player in this process, we leverage our wealth of project experience to set the groundwork for success.

Our comprehensive surveying services include:

Project Primary Control: Establishing accurate control to setup the project for long term success.

Permanent Mark Installation: registration of control with relevant state authorities

Project Datum and Local Grid Establishment: Defining project reference frames and localised work with no scale issues.

Quantity Take-offs: Accurately quantifying materials and earthmoving requirements.

LiDAR Surveys: Aerial surveys to accurately define large scale topography.

BOQ Preparation: Developing and reviewing Bills of Quantities to facilitate project cost management

Tidal Studies: Accurately defining the separation between local Port Datum and AHD


At Insight Survey, our position as leading experts in third-party verification has made us the trusted consultant for top-tier mining companies such as BHP, Glencore, and South32. Our comprehensive services include audit surveys, control network verification, base station installation, staff training, establishment of 3D monitoring systems, and survey advisory services. This high-value service is a guaranteed game-changer for your operations, ensuring accuracy, efficiency, and success.


In the fast-paced world of modern construction, Insight Survey recognizes the paramount importance of budget control, project deadlines, and safety. Our mission is to be an indispensable part of your project team, facilitating success by delivering expert surveying services and reliable support. With Insight Survey's assistance, we help you maximize your monthly claims, ensure timely project completion, and maintain a strong focus on safety.

Our comprehensive construction services include:

Topographical Surveys: Precision surveys that lay the foundation for informed decision-making.

Construction Setout: Ensuring accuracy and alignment in the construction process.

Bulk Earthworks Surveys: Efficiently managing earthmoving operations

Quantity Reporting: Providing reliable data for mass haul planning and progress claims

Marine Construction Surveys: Supporting projects in sometimes harsh offshore environments.

Let us be your trusted partner in achieving construction excellence while prioritizing efficiency and the well-being of your team and stakeholders. With Insight Survey, your projects are in capable hands.


Insight Survey has been at the forefront of machine guidance and control since its adoption on projects throughout Australia. Our unwavering commitment to excellence is underscored by our streamlined data preparation processes, which guarantee a steadfast and dependable approach to creating machine files. In the field, we stand ready with troubleshooting expertise, ensuring systems operate seamlessly with minimal downtime.

Back at our office, we adopt a scrupulous approach to data management, offering an array of services that encompass:

Data Management: Precise organisation and handling of data.

BOQ Review: Comprehensive examination of Bills of Quantities.

Progress Claims Reporting: Robust reporting tailored for progress claims.

Mass Haul Calculations: Accurate computations for mass haul planning

Machine Control File Preparation: Creating precise machine control files

At Insight Survey, we’re not just pioneers; we’re your partners in precision, data management, and project success.


Insight Survey seamlessly blends cutting-edge technology with traditional survey methods, delivering a holistic approach to meet our clients' diverse needs. Our commitment to innovation is evident through our incorporation of drone surveys, with 100% of our staff holding Remote Pilot Licenses (RePL) and actively utilising drones in our daily operations. Laser Scanning is an increasing cornerstone of our service, enabling the creation of highly detailed 3D models of the built environment. Our primary focus lies in achieving precise dimensional control for structural, mechanical, and piping surveys. When it comes to tailings and water dams on mining sites, we offer bathymetric surveys using our remote-controlled survey vessel, ensuring the safe and accurate capture of dam floor levels. For large-scale aerial surveys, including LiDAR technology, and ocean hydrographic surveys, we collaborate with specialised providers to ensure we meet the unique requirements of each client.

Our comprehensive suite of services comprises:

Drone Surveys: Leveraging the latest in drone technology for versatile survey solutions.

Laser Scanning: Creating intricate 3D models with an emphasis on dimensional accuracy.

Dimensional Control: Ensuring precision in structural, mechanical, and piping surveys

Bathymetric Surveys: Safely capturing dam floor levels for mining sites.

Specialised Aerial and Hydrographic Surveys: Partnering with experts to provide tailored solutions, including LiDAR and ocean hydrographic surveys.

At Insight Survey, our mission is to blend innovation and tradition, delivering unparalleled survey excellence to meet the exacting needs of our clients.